My art evolution

I’m like a Pokemon in how much my artwork has evolved.

I found this expedition pretty amusing, looking on my external hard drive to see what old, cringey art I could dig up.

As an artist, I think its important to reflect on just have far you’ve come. I can’t count the number of days where I have sat in front of my computer, questioning my own talent as I scroll through vast amounts of beautiful works by other, perceptively better, artists. Its so easy to fall into a limbo of self-doubt and insecurity when putting yourself against people you find online – a problem for anyone, not just artists.

I’ve learnt through my experiences of really bad insecurity that, as hard as it sounds, you really just have to focus on yourself. Focus on your own goals and don’t waste time on anything that doesn’t contribute to your own growth. Just take that 24 hours in front of you and do what you can to get closer to where you want to be.

I’ve created a summary of the artwork I’ve made, every year leading up until right now. For reference, the earliest work I have is from 2009, when I was around 13 years old. Its both hilarious and humbling to see just how much my influences and subsequently my art has changed over the years. I hope this reassures anyone in whatever creative venture you’re part of, that with a bit of motivation and continuity, you will always improve.

Level 1: Digital art no0b (2009)


Level 2: Little Miss Animu (2010)


Level 3: Graphic colour vomit (2011)


Level 4: Disneyphile (2012)


Level 5: Getting more adventurous (2013-2014)


Level 6: #art #artist #artistoninstagram (2015)


Level 7: What is a style? (2016)


Level 8: Too scared to draw backgrounds (Early 2017)


Level 9: Colour & lines (present)