Winter in Tyrol

My first ever Christmas away from home was spent in a country shrouded in white. The snow covered mountainous land of Tirol, West Austria, had views made for fairy tales. What’s even more enchanting is the home I stayed in, situated in a tiny rural town where my boyfriend’s family has grown up for several generations. A place full of tradition and history, its a home filled with so much love; not only by the people that occupied it but by the detail put into the decor. You could literally spend hours counting how many clocks there are (I’m pretty sure at least over 30), reading the spines of really old looking books or just discovering a new trinket that you didn’t realise was there before.

My photo series is an attempt to lay side by side the quirkiness of the house with the natural beauty of the landscapes in which it is planted. This is my first step into working on my 2018 goals by picking up my camera and trying to snap what lies before me, the way I see it. Its so much harder than I thought and I’m truthfully not 100% satisfied with these photos. My aim is to explore composition and colour a lot more closely, to be able to truly express how I want to capture the world.