A dreamy road trip through Austria

It feels like Summer flew by in the blink of an eye. The adventures that felt like only a month ago are now just a collection of memories, captured by hazy photos. With a couple of suitcases and a car, me and my boyfriend went on our own little expedition through his home country of Austria. We started in the lush and mountainous Tirol, where he is native, and traveled all the way through to Vienna until we went North up to Berlin, where his family lives. Our stops included Salzburg, Hallstatt, their famous salt mines, Linz and also a whirlwind trip to Prague as we made our way to Germany from Vienna. The beauty of this part of Europe, from the architecture to the natural landscapes, is absolutely breathtaking and it was wonderful to have the freedom to follow our own path by having our own vehicle.


We made many stops along the way, which included spending the night in some very nice places. Our stay in Hallstatt was so picturesque where our accommodation was a vintage trailer, supposedly owned by a famous jazz performer in the 80’s. There was nothing quite as beautiful as staying in this camp, nestled into the mountains and overlooking lake Hallstätter See.


A few shots from Prague have also been slipped in here. I was super pleased that I was able to visit an exhibition on Alfons Mucha, one of my biggest art inspirations.