Hi! I'm Lucy

I’m a London based part-time illustrator whose primary medium is digital. After graduating from my degree in 2017, I now spend my time juggling my illustration and creative projects with my full time job of working as a software developer in the visual effects industry. As a major animation and all-round film enthusiast, I seek a lot of inspiration from cinematography and the work of the talented artists in the business. I am also deeply fascinated by Japanese culture and trying to capture the small peculiarities of the world around me, where you can see that nature plays a big role in this. 

I like to focus on the details in the lines and the meaning behind a piece as well as creating memorable colour palettes to set the tone. This website is my space for showcasing my work in its full vibrancy. Through my journal, I like to document my travels with photography that fuels the inspiration for my art. I also post the workflows of the current projects that I’m pursuing and my creative thoughts.

Feel free to contact me through email or you can find me via my social media linked below.




Ballpitmag (2017)
Peachbrain (2017)
Close-up Culture (2018)
Girls In Work (2018)